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About the developers:

The team is lead by Randall better known as Randy Pierce. Randy served in the Royal Canadian Air Force as public relations photographer. He studied photogrametric engineering and remote sensing and military law. As a veteran of the heydays of drag racing in the sixties and seventy he crewed, owned and drove everything from stock bodied Mazda's to a 1941 Willys gasser, to front and rear engine fuel dragsters up and down the west coast.. Racing off road in desert races on dirt bikes he even managed, in his first year to make the top ten in CMA Motocross at the tender age of 34 years. He also sponsored and assisted off road 4x4 racers to championship performances in the seventies. Always moving in two or more directions at once, he owned and managed four or five business at the same time.

Randy was a pioneer in the manufacture and promotion of Nitrous Oxide Injection systems under the name of INSTANT HORSEPOWER INC. with partner and off road champion Bob Green. In 1979 while testing a twin turbocharger fuel dragster he decided it was time for a change. He parked all the racing equipment. Sold his businesses and bought two sail vessels. One he sailed around the Hawaiian Islands in the winter of 79/80 and the other, a classic 37 foot wooden sailing yacht which he completely restored with his beautiful wife and soul mate Wendy. They cruised the northwest showing it in wooden boat festivals. "My life went from 200mph racers to six knot sail boats offering hours of total boring relaxation between moments of shear and absolute terror"

In 2001 the need for speed could not be suppressed and he convinced Wendy to drive to Bonneville Speedweek to check it out, and a plan to build a streamliner took shape. A return fact finding trip in 2002 has convinced him to proceed with the construction of a twin engine diesel powered, air-conditioned PIERCE ARROW Streamliner capable of speeds of 350kmh on an existing record of (149mph) 240kp.
Following heart surgery in December 2003, the project has now evolved to a new car a single 4 liter engine, front wheel drive turbo diesel capable of 500kms (300+ mph). Designed by Randy, built by the sponsors and the team.
Please see the specs.


Engine Development by Piers Harry, is developing 3.9litre diesel with turbocharger and Nitrous oxide injection producing 750hp.
TV exposure, it is proposed that a documentary style video will be shot to document the chronological events from the start of the build to the setting of the record. This will include short stories featuring each of the sponsors. This will be produced in part by CTV and The Discovery Channel.
Agnew Bailiffs and Financial Adjusters Ltd. donated the custom built transporter, a
48 Foot semi Trailer with lift and lounge and theatre, by Carpe.ca

Promotional/Public Events Co-ordinator

Murphy Aircraft Manufacturing, Design and build special parts
Icemaker machinery donated by Love's Auctioneers and Appraisers Ltd.
Special Landspeed wheels custom made by Green's Automotive.
Steel Tubing and metal supplies by Aggressive Tube Bending
Global Inkstorm to wrap the car and transport with vinyl imagery, Decals, Posters and Banners.
Werner Sprenger, transmission and differential modifications design and build.
OTT Industries construct front axles and steering, build Front wheel drive unit, steering and special custom built overdrive.
Aggressive Tube Bending to cut and weld chassis to Bonneville National Inc.'s 2006 Rulebook specifications.
Plastec to supply special composite body panels and Lexan cockpit canopy
Printing and poster distribution by Global Inkstorm.
Air-conditioning for streamliner and lounge supplied by Cool-it Hiway Services and their affiliate companies.
Kool Coat to supply ceramic shield coating on turbocharger, headers and exhausts.
Tires supplied by Goodyear
Tire life products donated by Fuller Brothers
Design consultant Ken Walkey, owner and driver of 316 mph "Grandpa's Toy"
Web designs by Judy Vaughan and Brian Beesley.
Artist -poster ad wear designs - Claudia "ladybug" Shuttleworth
Photographer for project and computer guy, Brian Beesley.
Illustrations by Daryl Sorenson - art director
Engineering drawings by Daniel Ciechonski
Chief mechanic W. Sprenger of W.C.S. Holdings Ltd.
Transport driver - James Walker
High performance lubricants by Nitrolube

Battery equipment by Federal Battery
Powder coating by Apex Finishing Ltd. Burnaby, BC
Fire system by Acme Fire, Burnaby
Cam shaft design and production by Geoff Bardal of Colt Cams
Turbo charged engine by Cummins Western Canada
Internal sheetmetal fabricated by Lone Star Industies Ltd
Onboard computer by TD Micronic
Theme music by Trooper

Goldenhawk Team Members

Werner Sprenger
Brian Beesley
Wendy Pierce
Goeff & Ilona Bardal
Dave Coombes
Chris Olson
Ben Olson
Yuri Tofini
Judy Vaughan
Peter Diesing
Jason Rite
Craig Robarts
Bob Green
Kevin Knox
Dan Nayoski
Seper Saebnia
Daryle Sorenson
George Espejo
Steve Troyan
Nick Boos
Piers Harry
Cody Gillis
Andrey Andreev
Daniel Ciechonski
Shaun George
Sean Scott
Pat Carlson
Patrick Colgan
Adrian Liciu
Ken Rouble
Roland Anderson
Dr. Glenn Dyck

Gofer/ driver in training - Cody Gillis (age 15 and learning)




Princess Auto
Walker Trucking